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Starphyre Digital Security

Also known as Cybersecurity, Digital Security includes online and offline data flow, storage, access using software and hardware to create a hostile environment for would-be online (or in house) thieves and hackers.

We create and manage an Information Technology (IT) environment that is hostile to network threats
making your data unattractive to cybercriminals. Sadly, many businesses with sensitive data do not make
preparing for these cyber security threats a priority until it is too late.

Cybersecurity Stats

Every 39 seconds a cyber-attack occurs according to the University of Maryland. MORE INFO
HIPPA journal states that 9.7 million healthcare records were exposed in 2020.  MORE INFO
Cybercrime is expected to cost the world $10.5 Trillion annually by 2025.  MORE INFO
In 2021 The U.S. Senate found that SMBs are the main target for ransomware attacks.  MORE INFO
In 2022 Cybereason found that legal and financial services, manufacturing, and human resources are
most likely to have been affected by a ransomware attack.  

Make Cybersecurity a Priority

Your digital information security is as important as locking the door to your business, or home before leaving. There’s no magic recipe or secret ingredient for success. It all comes down to a combination of real-world experience in developing a personalized cyber security strategy and working with the right team. Starphyre’s cyber security centric approach to managed IT services is superior to the maintenance centric approach predominantly taken by IT Managed Services Providers (MSPs).

Starphyre Digital Security will analyze your specific cyber-threat level and create a cost-effective plan to protect sensitive data from theft, ransomware, malware or tech-fraud. Contact us today to get your information Starphyre Secure!

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