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Cyber Insurance

Starphyre is excited to introduce a more intelligent way to obtain cyber insurance. By ensuring our clients meet stringent cybersecurity benchmarks, Starphyre’s partner SeedPod can offer our clients a more robust insurance product while saving them up to 30%.

This innovative approach to cybersecurity insurance also has two other benefits. They are:

  • Your business will be better protected from cyberattacks that can cost you millions due to disruption, ransomware, government fines and litigation.

  • Tax and medical practitioners and financial advisors will also be in compliance with IRS, HIPAA, GLBA, FTC regulations.

97% of all cyberattacks on small businesses are preventable if you implement the correct cybersecurity services. While most cybercriminals will move on to the easier pray, occasionally they don’t. This is why the risk of a cyberattack cannot be completely eliminated and why cyber insurance is important.

Think of this as a five for one approach to cyber insurance.

  • Obtain a more robust cyber insurance policy.

  • Save up to 30%.

  • Better protect your business

  • Obtain government compliance.

  • Sleep better at night.


Learn more about the coverage and benefits of intelligent cyber insurance,

Contact Us to schedule a non-obligation consultation.

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