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Cyberattacks on small businesses increased by over 500% since 2019. Your business suffering a cyberattack is inevitable, so it’s important that you’re equipped with the tools and knowledge to address this growing threat. Small business account for over 50% of all ransomware attacks, increasing the importance of having a response plan that addresses both natural and manmade disasters.  

Cybersecurity Awareness Training For Employees

Why should a business offer cybersecurity training to its employees? Over 85% of cybersecurity breaches involve human error, putting even the most sophisticated cybersecurity defense plan at risk. Having a staff that knows how to recognize phishing emails, create strong passwords, and avoid fake websites is important to element of a strong cybersecurity defense.


Response Plan

Every day hackers looking for ways to disrupt or cripple your business. Let Starphyre create a ransomware response plan that fits your needs and budget

Advisory Services

Whether it’s recommendations for software & equipment changes, creating backup & disaster recovery plans, map out strategy against ransomware, or recommendation for cybersecurity insurance. We have you covered with advisory services to match your growing business needs.

Threat Monitoring


Starphyre uses the same enterprise level vulnerability scanning tools many fortune 500 companies use. These tools enable Starphyre’s security analysts to identify potential threats and create remediation recommendations to reduce your risk to ransomware and other types of cyberattacks.  

Cybersecurity Vulnerability Monitoring

Cybersecurity Vulnerability Monitoring


Our team uses the same enterprise level vulnerability scanning tools many fortune 500 companies use, while making it affordable for small & medium size businesses. Like most large corporations we scan your network several time each day to identify potential threats, with periodic review by a security analyst who interprets the results and provides steps needed to reduce your risk. 

Training Services

Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Employees


Over 85% of all cyberattacks are the result of human error. Keep your employees vigilante and knowable about cyberattacks, by providing them cybersecurity awareness training that takes 4-8 minutes each month. 

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Management


We provide managers and business owners with training on how to better understand various cybersecurity threats and ways to reduce these threats.  60% of small businesses fold within 6 months of a known cyber-attack.

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Business Continuity Protection

Ransomware & Natural Disaster Response Plan 


Many small and medium size businesses go out of business within a year of ransomware attack or natural disaster. We can create a ransomware and natural disaster recovery plan to meet your needs & budget.