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7 Essential Cybersecurity Solutions For Small Businesses

Cybersecurity solutions are essential for all businesses, regardless of size. One should not take cybersecurity lightly. Hackers have been using techniques including data breaches, domain spoofing, spam-based assaults, and universal signature forgery extensively. Regrettably, the "new normal" of remote employment has made cyberattacks more frequent than ever before. The worst affected are small businesses, particularly in light of the meager funding usually allocated to cybersecurity. In this blog, you will learn about seven cybersecurity solutions for small businesses.

Low-hanging fruit piques the interest of hackers the most. It makes sense why their favored targets are small enterprises, who tend to think less about constructing their cyber defenses. Fortunately, we've put together a list of cybersecurity solutions to keep your company safe and stress-free:

1. Regular Vulnerability Assessments to Identify Know Vulnerabilities.

About 40% of the time, Hackers use vulnerabilities to again entry. Using other vulnerabilities is the number one way they exploit that access to get control of your devices. Software and hardware vendors frequently issue patches to address security holes or vulnerabilities. New vulnerabilities are being created every day; continuous vulnerability assessments are needed to stay up to date. This is why government regulations from the IRS, HIPAA, GLBA and FTC all require frequent vulnerability assessments. The problem is these assessments are expensive, especially for small businesses. This is why Starphyre developed Cyber GuardTM technology to provide affordably daily vulnerability assessments for businesses as small as 1 person offices.

2. Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Not every threat comes from outside your organization. Your staff members may inadvertently expose confidential information or jeopardize the security of your data. Employees being ticked by phishing emails is the number one way hackers gain access, approximately 50% of the time. It is also the second most common way they exploit that access. For this reason, government regulations from ITS, HIPAA, GLBA and FTC all require regular employee awareness training. You should grant access to sensitive information to employees who truly require access. This is why Starphyre offers affordable monthly cybersecurity awareness training with additional HIPAA training.

3. Next Generation Endpoint Detection and Response Antivirus

The best antivirus solution is one that has a strong innovated same-day new virus detection engine. An acceptable antivirus solution should include a strong and balanced response to new viruses. And the ability to restore damage, deleted and encrypted files is also important. Here again, the government requires small businesses to implement a strong EDR solution on all workstations. Starphyre has a great solution for small businesses that covers all these requirements.

4. Offsite File Backup or Disaster Recovery

IRS, HIPAA, GLBA and FTC requires businesses protect client/patient information offsite to protect that data from both manmade and nature disasters. These backups need to be daily and have safeguards to make them immutable. Starphyre offers both cloud file backup and complete disaster recovery solutions that are affordable for small businesses with 1 to 100 workstations. 


5. Quick Remediations of Vulnerabilities

This takes a both remote and onsite remediations of vulnerabilities by qualified cybersecurity technicians. Starphyre offers very affordable ways to remotely remediate vulnerabilities quickly without disrupting your business operations.

6. Network Security

While some of the services above provide network security, there are many other things that are required to make sure your network is secure. Starphyre has found that 75% of small businesses have one or more critical network issues. The most frequent one is not having a weak unsecure this firewall. This is why hackers are so attracted to small businesses, they are easy money. Let Starphyre help you secure your network and make it compliant with government requirements.


7. Written Information Security Plans (WISP)

In June 2023, the IRS made having a WISP a legal requirement for all tax practitioners. HIPAA recommends medical practitioners to have them, but it is not yet a legal requirement. A valid WISP contains three things: security assessment, protocols and response plan. Creating a valid WISP can be a challenge given there are over 290 pages of requirements referenced various government agency websites to review. You also need a working knowledge of IT. Worry not, Starphyre can create a valid WISP for your business.


Safeguard Your Business with Starphyre Digital Security

We at Starphyre Digital Security Services specialize in cybersecurity solutions for small businesses. We prioritize your business's security by implementing security services that meet, and in some cases exceed government compliance requirements. It is our mission to evolve these services to address the ever-changing cybersecurity threat your small business faces. Don't let cyber threats jeopardize your business. Contact Starphyre Digital Security today for proactive cybersecurity measures that ensure your peace of mind and business continuity.

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